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Thursday 2nd June 2022 at 6pm

The Wild One

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, we are going back to 1953 and to a film that shocked the world.
Inspired by true events. In 1946 some 4,000 bikers celebrated the 4th July by invading a small town in California.
Starring Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin.


Prior to the main feature we will be showing a short film made in 1940 for the Great Western Railway company.

“England isn’t the only country in the British Isles”.
“Dear old Wales” is cast as the hospitable purveyor of wholesome holidays, with a never-ending supply of “smooth sands, sparkling seas, sunshine and good clean air”
We follow the Cambrian Coast train from Paddington over Barmouth Bridge to see some delightful scenes of 1940’s Barmouth.


As we did in the 50’s the evening will end with both national anthems. We hope you will join us and experience the cinema of 1953.

Thursday 2nd June 2022 @ 6pm.

Tickets £5.

Sunday 26th June 2022 at 1pm

Film Hub Wales, BFI FAN, Chapter, Inclusive Cinema
Y Chwarelwr – The Quarryman

Mae tymor ffilm newydd gan linyn Gwnaethpwyd yng Nghymru Canolfan Ffilm Cymru o’r enw ‘To Llechi ar gyfer Pob Tŷ’

Fe fydd y theatr yn dangos Y Chwarelwr, y ffilm siarad gyntaf erioed yn Gymraeg, yn dilyn bywyd chwarelwr ym Mlaenau Ffestiniog. Yna fe fydd ffilm ddogfen fer hefyd, ‘O’r Graig’ am y diwylliant llechi yng Ngogledd Cymru a sesiwn holi ac ateb gyda siaradwr gwadd arbennig.


As part of a new film season from Film Hub Wales’ Made in Wales strand called ‘A Roof of Slate for Every House’

The Theatre will screen Y Chwarelwr (The Quarryman), the first ever talkie in Welsh, following the quarryman’s life in Blaenau Ffestiniog. The feature will be accompanied by documentary short ‘O’r Graig’ about the slate industry in North Wales and Q&A with a special guest speaker.

Dydd Sul 26 Mehefin 2022 am 1pm. – Sunday 26th June 2022 @ 1pm.

Tocynnau £5. – Tickets £5.

Saturday 3rd September 2022 at 7pm


Join the king of the detectives as he brings to life some of his greatest and most baffling cases. This original one-man show has been adapted from the originals written by Arthur Conan Doyle. We eschew the excesses and deviations of other adaptations and return to the original source material. Expect nothing but Strictly Sherlock!

So, leave this weary, workday world behind, Ladies and Gentlemen, and join us at
The Dragon Theatre for some good old-fashioned thrills, chills and chuckles.

But remember, whatever you do – DON’T GO INTO THE CELLAR!!

Jonathan Goodwin was awarded The Hamilton Deane Award from The Dracula Society for his acting work last year. Previous winners have included Benedict Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee and Denholm Elliott.

Saturday 3rd September 2022 @ 7pm

Tickets £15.